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How to help pepper and eggplant survive prolonged rains and cooling

Good afternoon, tell me, I planted pepper and eggplant in the paddock, but lingering rains began and the temperature dropped to 3 degrees at night. What should be done, how to help plants?


What is a corral? In general, it is necessary to hide from the cold.

This is the Korean method, it is closed on 3 sides and not on top.

I sprayed everything with Zircon today

I, too, planted several bushes on the street by this method. Now there is a "struggle for survival." That Colorado beetle ate them a week ago. Thats cold now.

Hello, what is zircon for?

I read somewhere that after stressful situations it is good to sprinkle with Zircon

Tell me, what does the bug eat in the pen?

Only in the corral and eats. Everything is calm in the greenhouse

I don’t have any bugs, although there are potatoes nearby. 1.5m you are the hundredth

I have no zagonezhukh

Thanks, I'll keep it in mind