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Are there any ways to prevent aphids, spider mites and other parasites and diseases in autumn

Hello! Now the parasites are leaving for the winter. Is it possible to somehow create such conditions for them that in the spring they could not begin their wrecking activity? Are there any preventative ways to fight diseases? How to improve plant immunity?


Autumn is the time to apply pest prophylaxis. In early autumn after harvest, be sure to burn the entire plant variety (healthy can be sent to a compost pit). Trunks of trees process Bordeaux liquid. Can be replaced by spraying with copper sulfate (300 g per 3 l of water). So you get rid of fungal diseases and egg laying aphids in tree trunks. Whitewood trunks of trees.

At the first frost, dig over the areas where cultivated plants were grown and around tree trunks to a depth of 15 cm. So you will destroy pests wintering in the soil. Also thin out and trim all fruit and ornamental bushes and trees. Repeat spraying at the end of October, after all autumn work.