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What to do to make carrots sweet and juicy next year

Good hour! Carrots grew, and clean, and large, dry, not at all juicy and not sweet. Why did this happen? Watering regular, in places even a few pieces burst. The land is acidic, but I don’t know how much. It affects? I want to buy litmus papers, check. A lot of wood lice grows. What to do so that the next year is sweet and juicy? Thanks!


It also depends on the variety. Watering carrots for juiciness is good 1-2 times a week.

Every day we watered abundantly and with superphosphate for prevention

As my mother-in-law taught me, watering for carrots is needed before it sprouts, only she came up to reduce watering to 1 time per week, she has enough rains, she grows big and sweet

No answer…

Watering is needed of course regular. It may not be raining all summer long .... I am pretty sure that you have a variety for storage. It will never be juicy. We always plant at least three varieties - early (it is not stored, often clumsy, but juicy and tasty), mid-ripening (this year Samson tried it sooooooo juicy, even the spray flies !! Although a little grew in alumina , but in soft land it is too huge and cracked a lot), well, too late, for storage ... now it is not very juicy, but if there was no abundant watering during the period of active growth (when the tops are growing), then it is dry ...

I’ve poured my own all three summers all three. Probably such a variety. Never plant one variety. Plant at least three. I plant Nursery, Vitamin, Nantes and Carot .... all juicy.

There were two varieties, I don’t remember which ones. Watering every day is plentiful. We had a drought. It’s true that the varieties are such (((just for storage. Thank you all!

And tell me, please, why the carrots are pale. Large, tasty, but not bright orange. They planted Losinoostrovskaya and some other. All carrots are the same color.

also depends on the variety. I leave my seeds. I like. And the nursery is the same as without a core at all. Try other varieties, as you find what you like and leave for the seeds and will always be with your carrots.

and what kind of nursery?

sort of such. very tasty, early. I’ve been sniffing her since June.

I will try to search in stores. But is it small, wrong?

average ... it is for food and can be prepared. It will not be stored for long. We plant her for food in early May.

Thank you, I will use it next year!

yeah Hope is right!) The variety is called that!)

but how to collect your seeds? Somehow they wrote about it, but I didn’t understand it was necessary to plant a carrot myself somehow cunningly? I will try other varieties, then come in handy

there’s nothing tricky there! In the early spring, plant carrots, pcs no less than 5))) You liked the varieties, then the greens will go, then the flower like dill, when dried, you can collect it. I cut umbrellas, and then peel off as necessary!)

and really just thank you very much !!!

Sort of

And I have trouble with carrots. I dug it today. Not only is she not of the sort that I bought, but she also has only a shell, inside like baby food. I read it on the Internet: it looks like wet bacterial rot. I realized that the disease is transmitted through infected seeds, but nothing has been said about the earth. Would it not harm, for example, the potatoes that will be at this place next year? Just in case, I spilled everything with a potassium permanganate solution. All this “mashed potatoes” with a part of the earth and tops has been stacked separately from the compost heap. I don’t know what else can be done. Advise who faced this problem.

try not to plant root crops there ... no risk.