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How to save chrysanthemums

How to save chrysanthemums? I live in the Perm region. Planted the first year in the garden with seedlings.


Watching what chrysanthemums! If for example multiflora, then it must be dug up and stored in the basement!

And ordinary? I minted from a bouquet, they took root, and now what to do with them for the winter?

Irishka, I already asked such a question here, look at the record through the search

Thanks, I'll look

sowed seeds and now don’t know how to save

And I also have chrysanthemums from seeds, they bloom, but I don’t know how to preserve Len obl.

I have not overwintered at me, although they were well covered, roses live, and chrysanthemums ...

Sprinkle with earth, cut, leaving cm 20, and winter, though only lilac

The preparation of chrysanthemums for winter depends on the variety. Tall and large-flowered varieties are not frost-resistant, therefore they are extracted from open ground with a lump of earth, placed in a box and stored in the basement (cellar, room) where the temperature does not drop below - 2ºC. Winter-hardy varieties (undersized, small-flowered) successfully winter in the open ground with proper preparation. In late autumn, trim the bush (10-12 cm tall), clean the bush from plant litter. After applying fertilizer, preventive treatment proceed to shelter. For shelter, you can use spruce spruce branches, brushwood, straw, leaves. Cover with a layer of leaves, press on top with spruce branches or branches. The main thing is that the shelter is breathable, so you will avoid the bush growing old. After spring return frosts, the shelter is removed.

Chrysanthemums need to know the varieties, or at least what kind of species they are, because there are chrysanthemums that winter easily and without shelter, but there are more moody ones. If you don’t know what the vases have for chrysanthemums, then try to dig out the majority of them and overexposure the winter in the basement, and leave a little in the garden, but be sure to cover and sprinkle the roots with earth. In the spring you will see that if the plants survived on the street, then leave everything next year, but try not to cover part of it, or to a minimum.