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How to help overwinter roses

Hello dear gardeners. This summer for the first time I tried to cut roses. Almost all cuttings are rooted and sprouted. Now it’s getting colder, and I wondered how to help overwinter these weak sprouts? Share your experience


Before frost, cover with a covering.

I also planted in pots and a plastic bottle on top, they are standing in an uninsulated house for now. And where are they then? they’ll disappear at home.

That year, with the onset of frost, I dug up, wrapped my roots with moist moss and film, and until spring in the cellar.

Olga tell me how rooted and when cuttings cut off? Otherwise I tried and not one rooted!

Cover tightly with plastic bottles. I cut off 5 liters and covered, pressing into the ground. So we wintered. In the spring, when everything had melted and the kidneys were swollen, she opened it a little and closed it again at night. How the weather settled, opened completely

Or maybe they can be dug in the greenhouse, and there to hide?

I have been doing as Alla wrote above for several years. Everyone survives. This year I planted 6pcs. All took root under the five-liter stand.

The easiest way that many gardeners use is to cover the cuttings with a bottle. For these purposes, uses a plastic container, and you can glass. Before shelter, I recommend a prophylaxis against fungal diseases. Spray the cuttings with copper containing the drug, let dry. Then cover with a bottle, squeezing it a little into the soil so that it does not fly off. In the northern latitudes, additionally sprinkled with straw or spruce branches. In the spring, remove the shelter gradually in reverse order. Do not forget to return the can to the place at night until a constant positive temperature is established.

You can dig the cuttings in the greenhouse, sprinkle peat, humus or compost on top, making shelter for the roots. The cuttings themselves can be covered with spruce branches, covering material or plastic bottles. For the winter, I cover my cuttings with covering material, making the tent out of pegs, wrapping the tent around with a cloth, in the spring, gradually I start to leave small openings, and when it gets warmer, I take off completely, and at night cover again not tightly on top.

Rooted cuttings of roses winter well in a dry shelter. Such a shelter is made from a box or box, so that the roses are covered from above from the rain, but from the sides air would penetrate the shelter. In shelters, roses are completely covered with dry peat, sawdust or humus. I would not advise covering the cuttings with plastic bottles for the winter, as in such a shelter it is very difficult to monitor the humidity and many sprouts are simply sprayed in a thaw or in early spring.