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Can tulip bulbs be planted in cut plastic bottles

Good afternoon, tell me, is it possible to plant and dig tulip bulbs into cut plastic bottles? Every year they don’t bloom, someone eats them. Now I’ve bought new varieties and I’m thinking how to protect them.


Maybe you should buy special baskets for bulbs and clamp in them?

It is possible, but only how and when does it eat your tulips?

Probably rot, do not water how they dry

If planted in cut bottles, then it is necessary to make many many holes with a red-hot nail from both the bottom and the sides.

Try planting with daffodils. They scare away many rodents.

Voles indulge in tulips, especially they like the bulbs of dark-colored tulips, purple, burgundy, black.

we put what year in plastic boxes, after in the spring we did not find any bulbs, tulips, daffodils, lilies. now everything is in place

In the store they suggested planting grouse in tulips, they scare away the mice with their smells or something) I'll try. While there are neither

Thank you very much

so grouse has a rabid garlic smell, so it scares away ...

Lyudmila, that's great