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Mustard dressing cucumber recipe

Friends, tell me, please, a delicious recipe for cucumbers in mustard dressing.


Natasha, look at my wall, cucumbers in Hungarian ,. Did on trial that year, flew away, cheers. This year I’m sure to get more stamped)

Thanks. And the taste is sharp or sweet?

Sweet and spicy

Can I have a recipe for cucumbers?

Go, if not difficult, to my page, cucumbers in Hungarian, video recipe, it is very simple! And now I’m doing it, I also did zucchini for testing.

I can’t unfortunately. I’m in the country, and here with the connection complete collapse. Do not open anything.

I also went to do according to your recipe.

I will try to describe, as I personally do :. I wash the cucumbers, not more than 5 cm, leaving a couple of hours in the water. I’ll sterilize the container, I boil the lids. In ready-made, half-liter cans I put a dill umbrella, a clove of garlic, half a teaspoon of mustard seeds! 5 peas of black pepper, 50 ml of vinegar 9 / - percent. I lay cucumbers, tightly. In each jar of 0, 5 I put -1 tsp. L. Salt, 2 tsp. L. Sah. / sand. I pour cold water into the jars to the brim. I take a saucepan (preferably alluminating), put a towel, put in cans (three for 0, 5 are included in my list) and pour cold, sterile water into the saucepan. From boiling-5 min. I twist, turn, cover with warm, until it cools completely. Tatyana, try to watch the video! Everything is much simpler there! I wrote for a long time! )

Thank you, of course) the recipe is not mine, but it went to everyone's taste. ) They even tried to eat dill from a jar) Watch the video, I do the same. For today I managed to make 16 half-liter. Banks run out 🙂

And 0, 5 hours. Spoons of which

0, 5 h. G. Gortsitsa grain, missed.