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What to do if cucumbers are soft

Good afternoon, dear gardeners! Tell me, please, now the first cucumbers have gone, and they are soft, not strong. What to do?


It is best to plant in the fall, now in the refrigerator as soon as you can dig, you need to plant lung frosts they are not afraid

In spring, tulips are sold for distillation.


Here are the happy ones.

Class! What sort? When planted?


Probably in a heated greenhouse 🙂

Pink Clare Hybrid

Seeds planted at the end of January)

Stunned as well!

Tatyana, I really want to see your greenhouse. How is everything arranged there?

Well done!

Lucky, and we still have in the garden of snow knee-deep.

It remains only to envy white envy! Do not forget to show us your harvest!

So far, only so. Unfortunately, there are no more detailed photos 🙂

Pah-pah! If all goes well, I will definitely show you! 🙂

And we have

And what is the size of the greenhouse? - no end and no edge! Dream

We also have Rostov Region)

We should wait for such weather of the month 1, 5 - 2! Ufa

50 by 10 meters. Oyoyo works

Where is the disco then! With such a scope and a house is not necessary! She put a sofa, a table, a TV hung up - why not life in the garden! God help us, and we thoughts!

Thanks! I will try!

Very cool, impressive!

There are no words! DREAM!

Grade and when sown? )

Just class

And here in the fall, from the greenhouse, the mother-in-law planted a tomato bush on the balcony and here is the first tomato!

The fact that the photograph is not scab, but lichens on the trunk. It can be treated with iron sulphate and then brushed off.

And in humid weather you can peel a lichen and treat it with copper sulfate or Bordeaux mixture.

Whitewashing helps a lot.

Agree. Whitewashing helps perfectly. Only there is one drawback: you can not whiten higher than 1, 8 m.

And why?

We were treated with pharmaiod, but the tree should be without foliage.

Why? I whitened. And cho, I do. You won’t erase it.

There is nothing wrong with the fact that you whitened above, especially if you already have a large adult tree. A tree can be whitened to 1/3 of its height without harming the tree. It is also recommended to whiten the lower skeletal tree branches.

Iron sulfate is too late. The leaves will burn. It is only necessary when the kidneys have not yet hatch.

You can whiten higher. The point here is that it is believed that whitewashing compresses the bark and interferes with the growth of the tree. Therefore, it is not recommended to whiten young trees. But in general, whitewashing is very useful, because it protects from sunburn, disease and insects in the summer, and from frost and rodents in the winter.

Thank you so much! How I sensed a whitewash I bought 🙂 Tomorrow I will paint! Only now, you can’t paint the bushes after all; (?

I planted in late April, the impression that they are sitting, do not grow. Although in two of 7, one bud appeared. And the bushes are small.

I think that so far take root. These are bushes.

And I bought it in February. Bushes have grown. Planted in May. The greens wilted. I cut it off. And still standing bald. I do not know what to do. How to help?

Do not buy roses so early, we are in a hurry and therefore do not take root.

Friends, I'm not lucky with roses either. I bought 3 pieces in OBI, I did everything on the advice of Julia, covered it with earth and watered it. At first everything was fine, then one wilted and dropped the leaves, the other two waited for planting in the ground, but they also grow poorly, although one, thank God, has just given sprouts from under the leaf. So I will wait what will happen next.

Roses are planted early, in our Bashkiria in April.

In April, buy and immediately plant. I do like this.

Natalya in Eurasia, there are exhibitions in the forest. There are Gardens of Karelia, so she has beautiful roses. I constantly buy from her every year and never once did pah pah pah nothing happened. She says to deepen deeply when planting and in the fall it is good to spud. I do this and ONLY one and then the sprouts already went a little frozen because my husband forgot about her and did not spud. I recommend it for the future. Although I also bought at a discount at the Ob. 🙂

Thanks for the info about the exhibition, I will keep in mind. I didn’t buy it in the Ob, but in the garden center in Nyatkino, when planting, I deepened it, but did not spud it. Maybe all the shoots had to be cut ?.

To be honest, I don’t like it very much in the nine, but it was there that I bought in the store and not on the platforms so everything that I took did not correspond to the declared one. Maybe I’m so lucky I don’t know. This time I bought a bunch of gladioli, so I'll see what grows up. 🙂

I'm in the store too. But while it is not known whether it corresponds or not, it does not want to grow 🙂