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Why does the tomato have few ovaries and mold on the flowers

Dear gardeners, tell me how to save tomatoes? They bloom profusely, but there are few ovaries and many flowers seem to be moldy.


For an abundant harvest, try Ovary

But how often can I spray this drug?

There is an instruction there, I don’t remember exactly what the gap is, but we almost immediately got the fruits

I’ve already sniffed twice and that’s not helping

And what kind of rot on the flowers? How to deal with it?

Oh, then I don’t know, I'm sorry

better treat with phytosporin from the fungus. Then potassium humate. It's not normal that mold is wherever it is ... Mold is a dash fungus ... And any fungus is already bad!


Spray two tablets of succinic acid per liter of water on tomatoes.

And my flowers just dry up, why?

no ovary. Hot?

hope but I have bad peppers ,,, there are few ovaries. Maybe they are also hot!

peppers usually lack minerals. tomatoes will not tie at T above +30

Well, if it’s hot outside, it’s also in the greenhouse, and I open all the doors so that it doesn’t burn out, but if it’s +15 outside, then it’s in the greenhouse 23-25 ​​with closed doors. In general, the greenhouse is the first year and I don’t know how to handle it properly, there is no way to constantly monitor it. In the morning I’ll open it because I’ll go to work all day, and suddenly there will be heat and everything will burn.


how else can you make the temperature in the greenhouse lower if it rises by 40 already?

Yes, like Dionysus, which protects against UV, but I'm still afraid.

it’s just that these greenhouses should always be aired! even if on the street +10. Open the window leaves in the morning and evening, at least for 15 minutes. The whole complexity of polycarbonate in the condensate, so the likelihood of the development of fungi is high. In the fall and spring I treat it with either vitriol or fungicide (often just leftovers from the summer). Well, mulch, at least for tomatoes - is required (preferably hay). Even in such greenhouses it is not advisable to mix cultures, but with proper care and constant monitoring, it is possible (I mix) All because tomatoes are susceptible to fungal diseases and can spread the rest from them. Cucumbers love ticks and, accordingly, can also go to the rest of the rags ... Whitefly flies on peppers, and at the same time bursts tomatoes and everything that turns up ... Do you understand? Well, the heat is a separate conversation - I didn’t have any ovaries for 3 weeks, although I cooled (I put buckets with cold water and changed it 2-4 times a day), covered branches of the greenhouse outside .... In general, there are many difficulties, but the main thing is the ventilation and prevention of fungal diseases.

From the very landing, a neighbor accustoms at least cucumbers, at least tomatoes, to micro-ventilation. Her door is always ajar at 10 -20 cm during the last night. And from the condensation in spring thin covering material is passed between polycarbonate and arcs. And I only have tomatoes in a glass greenhouse, there a constant draft. I somehow clogged everything up, I immediately felt stuffy, wet., I thought it was bad too and now at least a little, but openly. And on window leaves and gauze it’s good, better than non-woven material. Good crops.

And just recently I read that tomatoes need phosphorus more than any other plant, they take it from the earth a lot, therefore, they recommend feeding 1 tablespoon per 10 liters of warm water with superphosphate extract

Superphosphate does not allow plants to stretch and contributes to better setting and ripening of fruits.