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When to prune celery root

Friends, when do we begin to prune celery root?


Itself planted the first time, I have a variety of Egor. Sits with leek.

And this question interests me when to prune, so that the root head grows well?

It is important not to thicken the plantings, not to deepen the growth point, and not to break off the leaves strongly, only the extreme ones can be. Last year I cut the leaves, I thought it would grow and I did not get a good root.

I planted too. It seems to me too early, I have not yet seen turnips. But after all, he will still grow for a very long time. If interested, watch a video on Valery Medvedev's channel about root celery

I understand that we cut in August.

Do you need to trim? And I already have a turnip

Rake a little and remove the side roots. Better, of course, watch a video about him.

Now I understand, I know about this, and I do so, thanks.

Friends, and I have both root and petiole, and also the first time, while I haven’t done anything, the greens are gorgeous, the high green, let me. Tips.

I also planted both species. It turns out to go to the site a couple of times a week. I know that celery loves watering and also that petiole will need to be whitened by collecting the tops in a bunch and wrapping the petioles with white paper. While they are still not ready for these procedures. And I think if you cover the petioles not with paper, but with a white cover, will it be possible to bleach them? How do you think? And how do you care for them?

The fact of the matter is that in no way, I planted it the first time, very often, I read that it was necessary to wind up, it was written about bleaching, it was safe not to bleach, but we have such weather that I do not know what will grow. But for now, I think early.