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How to make yeast nutrition

Tell me how to make yeast nutrition correctly?



Olga. Good day, based on my personal experience of feeding yeast, I do this. In the store I buy 20 small baked pressed yeast packs of 50 grams, and we get 1 kg. I take a bucket of water to pour, it will be enough a half bucket of water, and we put all the yeast that we bought In this case, you need to make sure that our yeast dissolves in water, just simply rub them in your hands. Then all this is good, and it pours into a 200 liter barrel., Once again, carefully mix and water for the benefit of vegetables. I was convinced by personal experience how such a subcortex All vegetables, without exception, like ka. Especially the cucumbers and tomatoes the color of the leaves becomes dark green the next day, there are very, very many ovaries. I do this feeding 2 times a month, to all vegetables without exception. Harvest for freezing, and the cost is only 100 rubles .

I don’t have a barrel. Can dry yeast be made?

100g of live yeast, 3 tablespoons of sugar in a bucket of water. Let stand for three hours in the sun to ferment and can be used.

and what water do you water the plants? It must be warm water ...

I have 30l baths, but only watering cucumbers from them, and tomatoes from the hose)

understandably. Probably the floor of Russia is watered with a hose and then late blight, fungi, etc.

Girl, growth requires nitrogen and trace elements. I don’t know about yeast, but urea will help for sure.

try to add more sugar and fresh herbs to this beauty. Allow wandering for 2 days. This is even cooler fertilizer. We have radishes with small turnips grown, juicy and tasty as small.

late blight not because of the hose, but excessive watering, and even then everything can be prevented!

in my garden there are 4 barrels with delicious snacks for vegetables, dung mash, fermented nettle, bread stew, and yeast mash.

if you have cold water flowing from a hose, this is stress for any plants. Iron barrels cost a penny ... for 200-300r you can buy a 200 liter barrel. What kind of water to water your business but still ... I have 1 barrel for my entire garden (I have small beds), but I don’t breed yeast, nettles, etc. in the first place, the smell on the whole site will be unpleasant, and secondly I’ll have to spend the whole barrel .... In the barrel, I spread only late blight paste and water all the beds. And I do all kinds of dressings exclusively in plastic bottles from under water, Kvass of beer, etc. it is very convenient, it cooks much faster, there is no unpleasant smell in the entire area, it can be hermetically sealed for better fermentation.

I sympathize with your neighbors))


oh and like me, I sympathize with them)))))) like this every day. Eat to health.

ordinary crop for greenhouse cucumbers! (and if so in og something at all)

That would have to know the dosage)

I can’t tell you anything about yeast, I don’t use them, I'm afraid to acidify the soil. I use only nettle brew. It suits me, and I don’t have to buy anything ...

No, it's all in the open ground, and in the barrels that we have along the fences in greenhouses it’s still too early. After a second day, we’ll also start collecting.

cucumber barrels is really a thing. This year I planned to install them, but so far I have decided to get by with a garden. next year I will put.

and where do you live, that you are already so chic?

put the barrels without hesitation, there is no worries or any hassle, we collect the crop as from a large garden.

Leningrad region. Tikhvin city.

Good luck to you young ladies in your gardening affairs, and a good harvest. !!

and I'm with Perm, so they still do not bloom in og (((

we have already eaten, and for two weeks we have been pickling the cucumbers.

do not poison the soul, I beg!))))

Water 2, 7 l, yeast pressed pack, 0.5 glass sah. Sand, mix everything, leave for 2-3 days, then 1 glass per 10 liter bucket of water, pour a liter under the bush. Everything will grow well. I already made 2 top dressings such)


Eugene, thanks!

not at all) use it) it will definitely help, I tried it myself by the way, I took the recipe from the Internet myself)))