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Why does the daffodil turn yellow

Tell me, please, why did my daffodil begin to turn yellow? He is ready for flowering, fired an arrow, a flower pecks to blossom, and its leaves turn yellow at the ends.


narcissus???? in July???

Something too late for a flowering narcissus ....

yes! he is indoor) growing in a pot)

phew! scared)))


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For a daffodil it’s normal, it will fade and the bainka will fall

It happens indoor daffodil ???

The next time he falls into hibernation, pour it over with frozen water (freeze in the freezer and thaw), he will quickly go out of hibernation.

but you can photo)))) very interesting))

it's not mine, now there is no way to take a picture, but it looks like the leaves are thicker and it turns yellow

it’s not a daffodil for sure, it’s somehow called differently, it grows in my flowerbed

what beauty)))) sorry I can’t help you (((((

it turns out even better ... the very fact that it is blooming and here it turns yellow9

Try transplanting to another land

But can this be done during the flowering period?

Angels, to be honest I don’t know, I always do everything by intuition until I let you down

found the name Zephyrantes white.

oh thanks, now i read

and we called it an upstart, only I have pink. It seems to me that there is something with the ground, I would transplant, if neatly, it’s still blooming, and the whole flower may disappear