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What to do if cabbage is not tied

Tell me, please, what about cabbage? Bushes are powerful enough, but stretch up. Heads of cabbage are not tied. It seems that it can go into color. Does it happen? How can one help? Different cabbage: cabbage, and cauliflower, and broccoli.


Photo would be desirable ...

I have such an early ... winter in another garden ... tomorrow I’ll take a picture, I’ll show it. If it’s very powerful, can it overfeed?

These are broccoli, wait for the inflorescence-swingers. The colored one gives leaves from below and does not stretch.

Hide from the sun.

I’ll try to add a photo tomorrow. I didn’t feed cabbage. There is an assumption that after a strong hail, she survived stress and decided to give seeds. Here is a photo with hail almost a month ago, cabbage stood on the ice for several hours.

and broccoli is pulled out, otherwise I also pulled out and already wanted to pull it out;

tell me when you plant cabbage? I planted seeds for seedlings at the end of April and now it is like that, but I have late

yes, they stretch out. On a high trunk, green heads like cabbage emerge. It is necessary to pick in time so that they do not have time to bloom. And when the center is torn, small cabbage heads may appear on the side stepsons. So do not rush to tear out the whole plant.

thanks! And then I thought already and the end came to her

I sow late seeds only at the beginning of May! On Yegorye!

Thank you, I probably do something wrong once I just start to tie head

if you are talking about the late .... that’s normal ... And the quick rip will catch up!

The second time I planted a little planted that year, and this year the first mistake was planted closely, and weather and pests played a huge role. That year already at that time, cauldrons were, but here it’s just starting

Well, that in the shadows and stretch. Then I didn’t understand the grass beneath them? And they probably thickened. So the bushes are powerful, wait, forks will be tied. This is winter cabbage, by autumn there will be a crop. You’ll get them, so you don’t fall.


It is advised to pour cabbage on top of the head with water directly from the well in the heat so that the temperature inside drops slightly. Water the early and Slava from the hose, the early Parel is almost ready, and the middle-ripe one still thinks, probably she is still too early. I liked this method, and the caterpillars are washed off the ground.

cons from cold water can be?

I haven’t noticed yet, they are good. I’m not very much just to cool down, it’s very hot. The main watering in the aisle and they are screwed, so cold water doesn’t get directly to the root. And from the keel 2 times I poured lime water .1 t Spoon for 10 l. of water, 1 glass under the root.

Spud, there is a mistake

So you can only water the head when it is time to flood, try early watering a few heads of cabbage, success.