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Do I need to pinch tall tomatoes

Gardeners! Does anyone pinch tall tomatoes? Do I have to do this? Share your experience.


I’ve almost run into the ceiling. I’ll split the part and leave some. I’m in two trunks! Grape cherry variety.) Are just starting to ripen

in my exhaust gas, a 2 meter stick to which is tied, as it grows to the end, pinch

I pinch without waiting for the tomatoes to hit the ceiling. About 10-20 cm from the ceiling. They then still stretch to the top. If you do not pinch, the tomato grows leaning against the roof. The crown becomes some kind of clumsy, there are no high-quality fruits on them, a trifle is immature. Therefore, I prefer to pinch off, nutrients will go to the fruits of the lower hands.

wow you have flowers As if not tomatoes, and plant flowers))

I pinch on August 1, so that the fruits that are beginning to be sung will ripen.

I pinch tall, large so as not to stretch and the tomatoes were larger)))

So far, several that have grown to the ceiling. But left them in the stepson, still have time to tie a few brushes

and how to pinch, explain to the teapot pliz)

Thanks to all for the answers that I nipped under the roof today

What is your grade?

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