Decorative pink strawberries: varieties and rules of care

Decorative pink strawberries: varieties and rules of care

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Strawberries (Fragaria) with pink flowers or fruits look very attractive. With proper care, it gives a good harvest, and after the bushes can be used as siderates, digging them along with the beds.

Pink Strawberry Varieties

Strawberries with pink berries are rare.. Its most popular varieties are presented in the table.

Grade namegeneral characteristicsQualities of berriesGrowing Features
Galya ChivHarvest gradeBerries are pale pink or pink, large, with a dessert flavorNot susceptible to disease
Pink Dream (Pink somnium)Repairing, ultra-precociousThe berries are bright pink, sweetFruiting is long. Standard agricultural technology
Avis delectareRepairing reliable gradeDense, tasty berriesGrade of neutral daylight hours
Pink PrincessesHybrid of strawberries and strawberriesPink berriesStandard agricultural technology
Pineapple (Pineapple), or VictoriaLarge-fruited and large-flowered varietyThe fruits are large, the taste is excellentLow maintenance
Lizonka (Lizonka)Hybrid, has a decorative appearanceThe berries are medium, sweetBlooms in mid-summer, bears fruit until frost
TarpanRepair grade

Large berries

Fruits all summer. No extra care required

Strawberry Varieties with Pink Flowers

These varieties of strawberries are appreciated for their original appearance. Of course, first of all they are bred for berries, and beautiful flowers are a great bonus: the bushes become a real decoration of the site. There are not many varieties of pink-flowered strawberries. Consider the most popular among them.

How to plant strawberries

Grade namegeneral characteristicsQualities of berries and flowersGrowing Features
Pink Miracle (Pink Spiritus)Early ripe high-yielding hybridBerries of excellent taste. Decorative flowersExcellent resistance to disease and frost
Pink FlamingosDear variety. Often used for decorative purposes.Berries up to 2 cm long, sweet and sour. Large flowersRequires tying peduncles
NovelVariety with continuous fruiting and floweringLarge berries and flowersThe ability to bear fruit does not depend on climatic conditions and daylight hours.

Tuscany (Etruria)

Repair grade

Large fruitsFrost resistant grade
Eternity (Aeternum)Variety with good germination and continuous fruitingBerries of medium size, fragrant, tastyRequires regular watering, cultivating and weeding
TristanVariety with compact bushesMedium Sweet FruitsDisease resistant
GazanaAmpel gradeFruits are sweet and juicy, large flowersNot demanding to care

The use of pink strawberries in landscaping

Varieties with pink flowers are unusually beautiful, so they are often used in landscaping. Mostly strawberry varieties such as Roman F1, Tarpan F1 and Tristan F1 are chosen to decorate the garden.

Many pink-flowered hybrids have large berries that are not only tasty, but can also perform a decorative function.

Important! For the cultivation of decorative strawberries using seeds. Buy them better in special stores.

Sowing strawberry seeds for seedlings is carried out in February, and only on the surface of the soil. Seeds are not sprinkled with earth. They are lightly watered, and then cover the box with a lid. After the appearance of two full leaves (about 30 days later), the seedlings dive. In a cache-pot, on ridges, balconies and flower beds, seedlings are planted at the age of 2 months.

In the fall, decorative strawberries need to be cut, and the roots transplanted on a bed and covered with hay or sawdust. In the spring they can be taken out and planted again on a flower bed, in a cache-pot or on a balcony. Unlike standard strawberries, decorative thorough care is required.

Gardeners reviews

There are different reviews about the pink-flowered and pink-fruit varieties. Gardeners regret that the fruits of such strawberries are not too large, but they are satisfied with the taste and characterize the fruits as fragrant and sweet.

Seeds germinate mostly well, seedlings are powerful. Among the shortcomings, the high cost of such strawberries is noted, as well as the need for some varieties for quality care, without which the plant slowly develops, the flowers are smaller, and there may not be a crop at all.

Strawberries: variety selection

In general, breeding pink-fruited or pink-flowered strawberries is a complex process that requires patience. But the result is worth it: this beauty will become a true decoration of your site!