Large and juicy strawberries "Maxim": features and rules of cultivation

Large and juicy strawberries "Maxim": features and rules of cultivation

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Strawberries (Fragaria) is a very tasty and healthy berry. Both adults and children love her. You can plant strawberries on your site, but in order to get a good harvest, you should choose the variety and observe the rules for growing it. One of the best varieties is strawberry "Maxim" (Maksim).

General description of the variety

Variety "Maxim" forms a large, early early strawberry bush. The variety description states the following characteristics:

  • large peduncles;
  • the roots are thick;
  • large berries - up to 125 g;
  • the taste of fruits is bright, sweet, with strawberry flavor;
  • productivity - 1 kg per bush.

Strawberries of the presented variety tolerate frosts and rarely suffer from diseases. Berries are not afraid of transportation, therefore "Maxim" is often planted to receive goods for sale. However, if the care of the plant is incorrect, a good harvest can not be expected. It is worth noting that the bush can suffer from rot, sunburn, slugs and ticks.

How to plant strawberries

One of the most important components of success is the right choice of a strawberry planting site. There are a few rules to consider. Firstly, the place for strawberries should not be located on the slopes on the south side. Snow here will melt earlier than in other places, leaving the bushes defenseless before spring frosts. Secondly, a place where it is too cold in the evening is not suitable for planting strawberries. Therefore, lowlands and heavily wind-blown areas should be avoided.

When a place for a bed is chosen, it must be leveled in such a way that a bias in the south-west direction is formed. After 5 years, you will again have to decide on a place for planting strawberries. A change of plot is necessary for good bushes to grow and maintain a stable crop.

Strawberry "Maxim": variety description

Selection of seedlings and preparation of a site for planting

When choosing strawberries seedlings of the Maxim variety, the main attention is paid to the root system and the external attractiveness of the bush. The larger the root, the better. Size is also important: large plants can better take root in a new place.

Before planting strawberries, the site must be completely rid of weeds. The territory cleared of unnecessary vegetation needs to be dug up several times. In addition to weeds, the larvae of insect pests need to be destroyed. For this, the dug up earth is treated with an ammonia solution.

How is planting carried out

Bushes are planted in the spring. First you need to mulch the plot with compost. Then you should cover the soil with agrofiber (a regular roofing material is also suitable) and make holes in it. Through these holes and you need to plant strawberries in the soil. Cover the ground to protect the beds from weeds. If there is no material for soil hardening, you can first plant strawberry bushes, and then mulch the soil with dried needles.

Important! Before planting, you will have to cut the roots of strawberries to a length of 1 centimeter. During planting, the root should be vertical in the soil.

There is another rule to consider: often located bushes will produce small berries. An interval of 50 cm is the optimal distance between seedlings.

Plant Care Rules

Strawberries require primarily competent watering. But it is not recommended to over-fill the bed with the plant. Dry soil should also not be done. The best option is to water several times a week. So the soil near the plant is saturated, and the root system is saturated with moisture. During flowering, bushes do not water.

Fertilize strawberries often - at least 2 times per season. For this purpose, complex and nitrogen dressings are perfect. Once a summer, it is worth bringing slurry to the beds with strawberries. Among other things, you need to pour needles under the bushes, so moisture will linger on the beds, and the earth will remain soft.

Another nuance that should be taken into account is shelter for the winter. A snow cap is the best protection for strawberry bushes. But even before the first snow, it will be necessary to mulch the soil around the plant and cover the bushes themselves with straw above. In the spring, unnecessary cover is removed.

Gardeners reviews about the variety "Maxim"

Reviews gardeners about the variety are positive. Summer residents note the incredible size of berries - about 100 g. If you follow the rules of agricultural technology, a rich harvest can be achieved without much effort.

Garden strawberries require planting according to the scheme 4 plants per m2. The presented sparse planting ensures that the bushes receive the optimal amount of light. Among other things, in early spring, when snow will fall from the ridges, the affected leaves should be cut off at the strawberries, and the bushes themselves must be treated with Karate.

A good effect when growing the variety "Maxim" gives and scattering on the beds of husks of onions and garlic, as well as the introduction into the ground of ash from straw. To protect against slugs, you should plant a couple of frogs or scatter sawdust near the plantings.

To increase the yield of the Maxim strawberry variety will help both regular disposal of mustaches and weeding. Gardeners recommend propagating a variety with a mustache - you just need to sprinkle them with soil and leave until spring. And in the spring, bushes are planted in a permanent place.

What varieties of strawberries will never fail

Variety of wild strawberries "Maxim" - a variety characterized by large berries and excellent harvest. But the bush will delight you with high-quality fruits only if you provide it with good care.