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Will you be able to harvest if you plant cucumbers now

Hello, friends! I also want to plant cucumbers. Do you think I have time to harvest? Just never planted in late June


Where will you be from?

Plant of course! You’ll have time to eat some. It’s better to do so that you don’t regret inaction later

If you plant it in a greenhouse. Grow faster

Kazakhstan. Atyrau region we have warm weather until October is usually

Plant, and not only cucumbers!



We lived in the south of Ukraine, so even in the early days of August, cucumbers were sown

In Kazakhstan, of course you can! Cucumbers only need 2 months from sowing to the start of the harvest.

In July, you can still plant turnip radishes, salads, cucumbers and even potatoes. But it all depends on the climate. I live in Kazakhstan and plant 3 batch of cucumbers in early July and grow well and delight until late autumn.

Lucky for you, take a few crops! But it’s interesting, if you plant them right now in Buryatia, will there be cucumbers?