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How often to spud ordinary cabbage

Hello! This year I planted 6 cauliflower bushes for testing. Yesterday I noticed that ovaries appeared. And today, a neighbor told me that when the ovary appears, you need to collect leaves and tie on top. Tell me, is this procedure mandatory? And I also wanted to clarify how often do you cultivate ordinary cabbage?


I also read that you need to tie sheets with a house

I never tie, and when the head is 10 cm in diameter, I just break some of the top leaves, this is done so that they do not turn yellow.

In cauliflower, I fasten the leaves over the cabbage with a clothespin

And ka fasten together? And for what? I always have great cauliflower. I read, and marvel at it, the people will heed the recommendations and try to apply everything immediately and easily, without fully understanding why they need it.

I understand that they are held together so as not to break. And all this is just so that the inflorescences do not turn yellow in the sun.

Of course, not all varieties can be fastened together, you can get confused, but what's the point?

I have the same impression) As in the Armenian Komsomol: let there be no difficulties, we will create them and we will overcome them!

I’m not fastening anything and turning yellow, can it grow for a long time?

You yourself are on this site and are listening to other people's advice. Do not poke a finger at me! My neighbor is a woman in years, she has been engaged in agriculture for more than one year, unlike me. If she advises, then it makes sense. So Julia wrote that fastens the leaves.

I don’t stick my finger, I just write that I don’t do this, do it well, I never do too much and don’t rush to try everything I heard, but I read of course and I learn a lot of useful things and sometimes I answer, but that doesn’t mean that I criticize. I always speak and will speak, do not rush, watch your plants, they themselves will tell you what they lack. Well, why will I feed, for example, if I see that they are well. And the climate is different for everyone, is it possible to apply some recommendations, if I offended you with something, then I'm sorry.

Friends, do not quarrel and do not bother with cabbage, you can also fasten, you can break. Nothing happens with cabbage if you break one leaf and cover it with a head of cabbage, a maximum of two leaves goes for it. I always cracked and closed the heads of cabbage for one reason, I always do not have enough time until you collect the leaves in a bunch, then somehow you need to fasten them together. And still the sun will fall somewhere from the side. And so run once, once and done. Try to do both. And then draw conclusions for yourself.