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How to care for a pond on a site

Good day to all! Question about the pond. Probably many on the site have a pond (not decorative). How do you care for this pond? This year we have it covered with duckweed, which we don’t have time to clean out with a rake! Neighbors advise to run crustaceans there or populate water lilies for self-cleaning, but no one has tried all these tips from personal experience. Can someone experiment like this? Thanks for the feedback in advance!


I listen, the same story

mmm what a cute pond !!! along with the benefits you can get and beauty! Irises, fingerling, saber ... and other lovers of dampness ... Unfortunately, there is no experience .... that’s how I dreamed)))

and where do you get water for irrigation? By the way, thanks for the tip about irises.

Run the fish, crucian carp or carp, duckweed burst current so

rain or from the key)) By the way, for sure! when we had crucians at our neighbors (before the ducks ate them all) we didn’t see duckweed!

We do not have crucian carp. nymphs have been wintering for 10 years.

thank you! here finally there will be a reason for her husband fishing for crucians

what a beauty!

But how did you get water lilies?

I liked it the most. I bought it in a store. went to the pond and threw it into the water.

very sooooo great !!!!

I’ll definitely use your idea! Especially now I read that they do not allow duckweed to grow! Yes, and very beautiful!

Try to launch the white carp fry in spring! In the fall you will be glad to a pond and, accordingly, a catch)))

But I think that duckweed can play the role of mulch, reducing evaporation. She does not interfere with taking water.

To be honest, the first time I hear about such a fish. Perhaps it is a rare guest in Belarus. You need to know! Thanks for the info!

maybe you're right! Although it dragged my planter tightly and it now looks like a swamp.

when the pond is fully tightened, it’s even beautiful.

The pond is right in the photo))) this is definitely not to be placed on the site

Victoria, if you want greens to not exist at all - you need to have an American catfish, he is not a big guest in Belarus. Only ... you have to throw grass and greens into the pond, it’s too painful to eat

that’s what I have on the plot, it’s grass. I can also share it with my neighbors

very beautiful!!! and what size is your pond?

5x6, but still far from beauty, it is necessary to strengthen the coast.

don’t be modest! It’s really beautiful! And I’m certainly far from that! Today I’m going to the country house to water the garden garden ... so my heart bleeds — like I want to bring a pond to mind!

this is not a photo of the author

what photo are you talking about?

about the photo under the post, not in the comments

Well, yes! This is not my pond! I wrote

I did not understand the comments correctly) You wrote about beautifully, you thought you were talking about the main photo. And you are the author

And tell me in stagnant water, the water does not turn sour ??? Maybe the question is stupid, But I was puzzled (on the border of our site there was a fire pond (30m * 6m depth 3-4 m approximately) in the spring it was clean, but now everything has been tightened by this cassock and it seems that it goes out there, can I take this water for irrigation ??? So it doesn't seem to smell and it’s kind of clean in a bucket. Thank you!

does not go out)) “Blossoms”. Like rivers and ponds and almost all reservoirs)) Especially if there is no fish ... Water of course!