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How to put trellis for cucumbers in the open ground

Good day! Share your experience, who put trellis for cucumbers in the open ground and how best to do it? Thanks!


We have here and not only cucumber-mixed planting there! Beets, carrots, dill, marigolds, lettuce, beans and beans; I just haven’t figured out how to make shelter for cucumbers, but actually it will be a greenhouse in the future

And there are radishes and peas!

We have such an option

Here is our borage. In the middle of the mesh

we need to grow in warm beds, if the summer as it is now, nothing will grow! You are probably in the south ... And in the greenhouse there are already watermelons and cucumbers and tomatoes, we are in the Len region

we have heat above 30 ° ... It burns and dries and pests right there ...

you would mulch your cucumbers, preserves moisture!

Yes, it seems to me that pests do not care if the heat or cold is their sea, we first saw many people, what year?

It’s not necessary to put the nets, you can put the frame and stuff the nails on top and tie the cucumbers with ropes like in a greenhouse, just over time tighten them a little

tomorrow they’ll bring the straw ... They started mowing. And pull the net from the sun ...