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Landscape Hyacinth Mouse

Mouse hyacinth is a small plant from the genus of the bulbous family of asparagus. Recently, it has become more and more popular both among amateur gardeners and professional landscape designers. Characteristics of the plant This plant has several names: in Russia it is called viper onion, in Europe - grape hyacinth.
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House and garden

Cucumber "Zyatek f1": characteristics of the variety and growing rules

A very early partenocarpic hybrid form of cucumbers with a female flowering type "Zyatek f1" is intended for cultivation in open ground and film greenhouses. This popular hybrid from the Gavrish company, the Federal State Budgetary Institution of Higher VNIIO is included in the State Register and is ideally suited for cultivation under film shelters in personal household plots throughout Russia.
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Cucumber "The boyfriend f1": unpretentious and very tasty

The new mid-late, bee-pollinated hybrid cucumber "Suit f1" is designed for open ground and film greenhouses. The main advantage of this variety is its high yield. The description of the hybrid form is given by the originator, which is the Gavrish company. The hybrid cucumber form “Suit f1” is included in the State Register of the Russian Federation and is recommended for cultivation in garden plots, in home gardens and small farms.
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"Orange Miracle" - yellow and high-yielding raspberries

Raspberry "Orange Miracle" is a large-fruited repairing variety with bright and beautiful golden yellow berries. This variety belongs to the elite category and was obtained by domestic breeders of the Kokinsky stronghold of VSTISP. It is characterized by a high level of resistance to diseases and pests, but is quite susceptible to severe frosts and excessive heat.
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